Inspired by the MANDE charter, LNR INSTITUTION is founded on understanding and love, freedom and fraternity.
There charter request Or charter of Kouroukan Fouga , Or Again , in language malinké , Manden Kalikan , East there transcription of a _ content oral , which would go up At reign of first sovereign Sundiata Keita Who lived of 1190 has 1255 . She would have summer solemnly proclaimed THE day of the induction _ of Sundiata Keita as emperor of Mali has there END of the year _ 1236 .
Indeed , after having freed Mandé from the influence of the cruel and very powerful Soumaoro Kanté , Soundiata Keita summoned to a general assembly all the tjé koun ( leading men ) of Mandé including members of his caste , that of hunters , acquired by him . policy in order to submit to them for approval , the Charter of Mandé Nouveau .
Now that we are the masters of our destiny , he declared , “we will establish the homeland on solid and just foundations . To do this , let us enact laws that people must respect and apply .
At term of a _ dense assembly plenary , Also called Manden bassigui kan ( Fundamental Proclamation of Mande ) was solemnly calls out on there big place of Dakadjalan . She THE was in presence of the members old as new , of the castes Thus that of the residents , old as youth , of Mande All entire .
This is the Mandingo's oath to the ears of the entire world as a pillar of the LNR INSTITUTION.

The seven articles of the Mandé Charter are entitled:
  • All life is life
  • The wrong demands reparation
  • Practice mutual aid
  • Watch over the homeland
  • Ruin bondage and hunger
  • May the torments of war cease
  • Everyone is free to say, do and see
The freedom to act, to speak.
Man as an individual, made of bones and flesh, marrow and nerves, skin covered with hair and hair, nourishes himself with food and drink. But his “soul”, his spirit lives on three things:
  • See who he wants to see.
  • Say what he wants to say.
  • Do what he wants to do.